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Our web agency in Hong Kong, which operates in the field of e-business solutions, is marketing oriented, attentive to the needs of a ever-changing market. Our web agency creates websites and Internet portals, allowing companies to manage its content by inserting text, images and photos in perfect autonomy, allowing you to have an  image and a communication always updated and market oriented.

Our web agency in Hong Kong creates dynamic and customer tailored websites, and allows you to increase the visibility of websites, positioning them by articles, products and services, in the first pages of the search engines and allows you to increase the turnover of your company. To have a beautiful website is not enough today, primarily it needs to be visible, otherwise even if you have the most beautiful website in the world, you would  be the only one to know it. The mission of our agency is to make your website beautiful, functional and above all easy to be seen, because well positioned on search engines.

Mauro IanassiMauro Ianassi

CEO of Zoe S.r.l.s. & Director of  Zoe Hong Kong Limited, responsible for development and marketing

Office Phone: +852 5801 4543 (int.2)

Mobile: +39.334.9890342


Mauro is in charge of the Italian customers and of  the Italian market development, in Italy and in Hong Kong, if the company is  looking to implementing business  in the Chinese market in China and Hong Kong.

Languages spoken: Italian (mother language), English.

Technical Skills: HTML, CSS, PHP, Graphic Design, Vector, Mail Marketing.

Ida ChungIda Chung

Partner, responsible for China's market in Italy and Hong Kong, Administration

Office Phone: +852 5801 4543 (int.1)

Mobile: +39.345.2176558


Ida is in charge of relationships with Chinese customers and of the development, for chinese companies,  of the Italian market  in Italy and of the Chinese market in China and Hong Kong.

Languages spoken: Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), English, Italian.

Technical Skills: HTML, CSS, Vector Graphics, Mail Marketing.

Alberto PalladiniDr. Palladini Alberto

Senior Programmer, Development Manager

With more than 20 years of experience in server rooms, server configurations and web development, he is our responsibility in the server maintenance and in the software development.

Languages spoken: Italian, English.

Technical Skills: HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, JQUERY, ASP.

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