Would you like to open a web agency in Hong Kong, but do not know where to start?

We have been dealing with web development since 2009. Our web agency now offers the possibility of joining a new form of business, such as having a web agency in franchising in Hong Kong even in your city or Macao.

Do you want to open a Web Agency and got your role in this digital business but you don't know where to start?

More and more digitization is growing and companies were forced to work on increasing their investments in web marketing and apps.

No Tech Skills Needed. Instant Credibility. High ROI.

With us you have the opportunity to own your digital development agency franchise in Hong Kong, without having to know how to build a website, design an app or optimize websites!

With us you have the opportunity to open a web agency in franchising, without having to know anything about programming, development, designing an app or websites and without having to invest in opening offices and hiring technical personnel.

We are your technical office with programmers, web designers, SEO experts and Social Media Managers and Communication experts to assist you in opening your web agency franchise without having to worry about anything.

Main successful tool: Our Business Model

Main successful tool: Our Business Model

By adopting our business model franchising you can reach a very high income already in the first year of activity!

With a proprietary CMS platform designed by us, you can offer high-level professional solutions, even customized, with a rental solution.
Rental: professional solutions for a better investment for your customer

Rental: professional solutions for a better investment for your customer

  • Have a constant and long-lasting income
  • Get high earnings without worrying about developing anything. We'll take care of it!
  • See much higher and higher margin quotes based on our business model accepted
  • To be recognized on the territory as a reference point for high quality web and applications development

In Zoe this happens daily to all affiliates

We teach the method and train each franchisee daily to master it to achieve success

Reputation: The biggest obstacle when starting your own agency is the lack of references and credibility

To obtain them, years and years of hard work and developed projects are required, as well as customers who speak well of you

You could spend more than 10 years building an agency from scratch (like we did) until you reach a level where you can choose to work with the best customers and get the highest price

Or you can also choose our secret shortcut...

given by experience, technology and brand reputation to case histories

With our successes, our tools and projects, you will be able to reach your "big fish" from the first day
10 reasons

10 reasons

to fell the need to join the Zoe franchise

  • No technical skills are needed
  • Headquarters takes care of the development of all technology, so you can fully concentrate on your customers.
  • Excellence
  • High profits on several fronts and innovative services
  • Create an annuity for you
  • Zoe constantly updates its line of products and services, so you can always offer the best to your customers
  • Independence
  • Have fun running your business, with peace of mind because you are sure to be supported by a large back-office team
  • Learn from Zoe's experience with affiliate training
  • Support among affiliates to be part of a successful network
Get the most in the development market by offering a range of specialized services

Get the most in the development market by offering a range of specialized services

The main services offered to businesses

  • Custom Web Design & Development
  • C.M.S. (Content Management Systems)
  • E-Commerce B2C & B2B solutions
  • Applications Development
  • Strategy & Copywriting

We are with You step by step

With us you also have a dedicated support, including:

  • Training and technical support
  • Sales and marketing support
  • Assistance for commercial proposals and quotations
  • Dedicated contracts
  • Technical support for software development
  • Social media and S.E.O. expertise

Our affiliates also have may tools

and benefits, including:

  • Your franchisee Zoe email account
  • A personalized website dedicated to Zoe services
  • Management tools
  • Free SEO tools and SEO audits
  • Customer references and case studies
  • Access to our catalog of professional services
  • Online basic knowledge
  • Dedicated advertising and advertising material

What profit projections do you have opening a web agency in franchising?

The web marketing and web development sector that fall within both the communication and digital marketing market and the more technical one relating to web management and applications for internal use, allow you to set yourself goals without limits, but we want to give data, the worst data you may have:

Being able to find only a few customers who do not want to invest much in the web and therefore only want to create cheap showcase sites with your web agency in franchising. Therefore?


And if there was any accessory?

We would like to let you know how much you could earn by adding to this data a single customer who buys a website with mid-range accessories:

Geo-localized positioning throughout your country (Local SEO):
1 YEAR -> HKD 23,640.00

2 YEAR -> HKD 4,140.00

3 YEAR -> HKD. 4,140.00



Would you like to open a web agency?

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